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Welcome to Muslim School Books - FREE Islamic-Based Phonics and Reading Curriculum

Assaalmu Alaikum Homeschool Parents and other educators of our Muslim youth. If you are looking for quality school books that teach phonics and reading comprehension, then welcome to Muslim School Books ! Our pre-k through 6th grade textbooks include skills worksheets and reading passages that promote Islamic values and foster a positive Islamic identity. The producers of Muslim School Books reading curriculum have intentionally used numerous stories that reflect the diversity of races within our ummah, as well as the contributions of notable Muslims from the present and past. Homeschool mothers, you can teach your child to read and develop a strong reading foundation, and Muslim School Books can help you, insha'Allah . Muslim School Books uses a structured approach to developing your child’s reading skills. No searching for extra materials or worksheets. All you do is open the workbook and follow the instructions. Click on the links below to start.

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